Friday, February 29, 2008

Progress Report

Started February 28, morning commute: I think I’m trying for too many daily MITs. I’ve been consistently finishing two a day when I plan six.

I know, I’m supposed to aim for three. And this is why to get rid of the feeling overwhelmed constantly. I still feel a little overwhelmed because I missed homework deadlines last night. But the feeling has gone down heaps from the levels it was running before.

I wonder if it’s a genetic makeup thing. Like my body will get fat extremely fast if I eat the wrong things and sit on my ass too much, my brain looks at the daily schedule and scoffs “Streamlined? It should be bulgy too!”

And I have to admit to poor time management decisions. I’ve been way too blog chatty when the time and energy can be spent other ways. But then I get stuck in traffic and write a blog post. *Shrug.

February 28, evening commute: Today felt a lot more productive than a lot of the past week. I focused and got stuff done. Unfortunately, I only had half-projects with me so I can’t cross them off yet.

February 29, morning commute: I forgot to do the evening routine Thursday night, which slowed me down considerably in the morning. But I have two plus sides to it. I think Outlook has finished finding all the junk mail it was dragging out of various email accounts connected to the websites, because I forgot to turn the computer and program off last night. Second positive is the wreck at Walker had already occurred before I pulled off at the exit to refuel. Had I left earlier like I had wanted to, the options would have been stuck at the gas station behind it or in it. And it was a dozy.

Now at work and playing with SimpleGTD, I realized I was still planning too much shit to do that I am not going to do. Next weekly review I have, I need to be ruthless with stop doing that.

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