Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blank: Entertainment and Other Updates

Mom and I went to see Juno, a movie on teen pregnancy with surprising crossover appeal. Course I can geek out over a character who shouts “Thundercats are go!” when mobilizing the family to get her to the delivery room.

Then the Centinneal cell phone canceled my account right on schedule, but without me transferring the phone number. So much for saving money and doing it at the end of February. Saturday, I ended up at Verizon with shiny new phone, plan, all courtesy of a one-day sale…

And the TomTom STILL didn’t work with the new phone. The Verizon store guy pointed out that their Navigator service that works on the phone will have live Traffic reports in a few months. Sold. So if you need my new phone number and didn’t get it, email me.

Monday was a lot of disappointments in a row (no, you can’t have the phone number everyone already has down for you *raspberry* being the biggest one), but Best Buy made me happy because they took the TomTom and gave me shiny in-store credit for it. I went home with Doctor Who Series 3, BattleStar Galactica: Razor, Spider-man 1, and Spider-man 2. I discovered this morning that I had Spider-man already, so I get to go back for something else. It won’t be Spider-man 3 not because I hate the film (weak, but I actually enjoyed the Saturday Night Fever homage) but because I don’t have enough store credit for it. Doctor Who was the major score, everything else lagniappe.

Now I think I have some quiet time to squeeze in my thirty writing minutes.

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