Thursday, June 08, 2006

Clothes washing adventure

You expect the machines to crap out on you. Usually with the clothes half done and the tub full of suddsy water. You do not expect the washer to keep washing and washing and washing. I had to go to the laundromat because of the blankets. I figure about two and a half hours, get the blankets done, and then I can wash a load or two of regular laundry at home.

Well, I didn't listen to my better instincts nor the people who used the heavy washer ahead of me who said it wasn't acting right. Only two out of three were working, I already finished one blanket, and loaded second and third in.

Second finished, but the stains didn't come completely out. Gave it another whirl. Third still washing. This was probably before 8:15pm. Laundromat closes at 9.

Second finishes again, and the third is still going. Decided against washing the fourth--I had washed it in my machine at home and lined dried it being the only one out of the four that will fit in my washer--and dried to get rid of more cat hair. Second and fourth finish drying, and the third is still washing.

All other patrons are gone by 8:45pm. The employee gets off her phone conversation and then calls the owner because the same blanket that was washing before she started that conversation is still going.

The owner shows up at 9:00pm, right after the machine finally goes into final spin. He gave me my money back for the wash and apologizied. I dried the comforter enough to get into the car and got home by 9:35pm.

So I'm pooped and wired at the same time. But I made a lot of progress into "The Art of Detection." Oh and my breaks are going out, so I will spend Friday night at home so I can get them fixed Saturday morning and then go to Lafayette.

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Sharp said...

Adventures in Laundry Land! You get to do all the fun stuff.