Saturday, June 03, 2006

Backing Up Blogs Finished

10:00am Someone in discussing the Absolute Write messed made a good point of why don't people back-up stuff they write online in response to many people upset over losing what they had written in the databases. Made a whole bunch of people realize their blogs needed backing up, including me.

Now there is a hack in order to do it as one file in Blogger, but that had too many variable for me to want to mess with. I liked this solution much better.

  1. Make sure the archive of your blog is set for monthly.

  2. Click on the monthly archive link. The entire month is posted on one page.

  3. Use the web browser's "Save Page As" function.

  4. Burn the files to CD or save to thumb drive.

  5. Once the backlog is done, you need only save the last archived month at the beginning of the next.

True, you do get the separate folders for each page. But in those separate folders are all the pics and if you only have snippets (like I do for Discipline Under Fire) the full file that "read more!" links to.

I've finished that with all four blogs.

Now time to start house cleaning that I have to finish. I don't think I'm going to be home another weekend in June after this one. Starting with the kitchen. Most of it is making sure things are where they should be, washing dishes, cleaning out fridge, and making shopping list. I need to cook tomorrow.

12:15pm Lunch break. The Subway opening was the best thing to happen in Springfield. The closest other fast food joints are in Hammond and Ponchatoula about thirty minutes away.

Kitchen is about halfway done. Cleaned out fridge, figured out the grocery list and halfway through with washing dishes. Still have a few things like tools to put away, but hopefully their home won't be the kitchen for very much longer. The rest of the rooms have a few minor, nitpickery items to do and then I'm left with the filing mess of the office. Granted most of that is hidden in the trunk so I won't feel too terrible if I don't get to it this weekend. I need to get the books done though and with the books figure out binder shelving. I have too many for the shelves they fit on and which ones should go where?

1:30pm Finished the kitchen! Now when I cook tomorrow I HAVE to wash up while cooking. Empty sink is the goal.

I managed to stick a splinter up under my thumbnail. I think it hurt worse pulling it out than getting it stuck. So with my thumb in a general state of soreness, I don't really want to do anything right now. But I have to. *Whimper* Shelving is what I'm going to work on now; the rest of the house can stay how is if need be.

5:00pm Everything that is a book is now logged into BookCAT and shelved on a shelf. I haven't needed to go into the kitchen yet. The problem is where I put the shelves in the kitchen is nearly impossible to access. If the 400s end up in there, I'd never be able to get a dictionary. I suppose I could use it for supplies and free up a shelf or two in the office for books, but that doesn't seem right either.

Funnies to watch: Night of the Living Doo, Nothing's Impossible, Scooby Doo, and the Dragon is watching you illusion.

I'm going to veg-out with a new ghost documentary on DVD for a while.

8:30pm Well, the DVD took a little longer than anticipated to finish, since I had to go and rescue my stranded mother. Hopefully, the truck had run out of gas and it's not something more serious.

It was some investigations that ISPR had done in England. One of the group I knew from Sightings, Peter James. I miss that show; it was always interesting.

Nobody has replied to my posts at Drupal yet. *Sigh* And right now I really don't want to work on that either. I think it was all the heavy lifting I did. More supper and maybe another movie.

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