Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the Year

That got here fast. Everything I said I'll tackle in 2010, I get to start on Friday. :p I've made worse planning goof-ups. Actually I'm more worried about hitting deadlines with the holiday.

It's not that I want to be anti-social, but I need the decompression that concentrating on writing brings. When well-intentioned friends drag me from my home environment, getting that decompression is night impossible or considered rude. My family has actually been more considerate on this score, weird. It's not healthy to dread invitations.

WHEW, paying job decided to give us New Year's Eve off too. Lovely, I can spend the day getting ahead of the deadline and napping.

More cheerful subject: the local development environment finally WORKS! I am having a slight issue with getting MySQL to run as a service so I have to remember to turn it on every time the computer reboots. I haven't tested the portability yet; Mondays are always too busy for that kind of stuff. But I can finally start using it. *Happy dance*

I haven't figured out what I'm doing with the instructions I developed. They need a fair bit of editing to be less specific to what I'm doing. But do I want to give them to the Drupal Handbook? Oh look, submission fear rising from the deep. :p

Regardless, that's nonfiction and doesn't deal with my goals for fiction in 2010. And I still don't know what I'm doing! I know I'm going to type the kink story that I may not show any where, but it will count. I've put down on my To Do list to organize the background material into TiddlyWikis for both Strix and Zy's Novel. Can I say for certain that vampires or aliens have seized the brain? Nope, still in holding pattern there.

It's nothing to worry about, the muse and my brain usually work this way. I'll just chug along with the list until something knocks loose.

In bummer news, I've lost one wall of storage in the back bedroom. The warping panels meant I had to take almost all the shelving down before more screws popped loose. So I'm expecting major water damage to the sheetrock. None, best guess is the paneling was adversely affected by humidity from the leaking ceiling. The idea how to fix: find or buy a stud finder, nail paneling to studs, then screw shelves into studs.

Finding my parents' stud finder hasn't happened yet. Last night, while waiting for sleep to come, it dawned on me that the pantry on the kitchen side of the wall doesn't have sheetrock, so I could probably see how the wall was made. I got up than and there to see.

Background: the front half of my house is probably close to a hundred years old, but it is cypress and solidly constructed. The back two rooms have always been referred to as the pine add-on, and are younger but were probably built before home building codes. I already knew the outside walls are 2x6 laid flat and sandwiched between the siding and the sheetrock.

So I really wasn't that shocked to see the same thing in the back of the pantry. In fact, I should have remembered figuring this out back in 2006. *headdesk* So now the fun is to figure out how to fix the leak and make sure there isn't an invisible one above the wall as well as find nails and screws long enough to grab the wood but short enough not to end up in the kitchen.

That's the new action plan. No matter how emotionally satisfying gutting and starting over would be.

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Fyn said...

Yay for dev environment finally working :D I have the minor issue on mine that when I copied my account across I got all my websites but not their databases, oops :S So haven't been doing much in the way of web dev here except some paid gigs me and my sister have started recently ;)

The house sounds like a bit of a pain in the system, kind of like mine actually, the "new bit" was done on the cheap it's showing now. Good luck fixing the leak :P

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Uncle Scott and I discussed the home repairs Saturday. Electricity comes first. I need to get my panel box replaced (and properly labeled!) and hopefully this doesn't mean I have to rewire the whole house, so the electric company can string a new wire from the pole to my house. What's there now is probably the original when the house was electrified. This is an ASAP because the wire is sagging out of the house. But i have to scratch enough money to pay for an electrician.

After that, remodeling the bathroom and buying a dishwasher are about equal in terms of I want them but can sacrifice doing them for a little longer. Gutting out the back rooms and rebuilding them and or replacing all the siding was dead last on my list.

But now it looks like the south wall is damaged, only instead of it warping inside the room, the outside is warping out. And that's the side I really can't access right now since I piled everything up on that side of the room that was on the shelves on the north wall. *Pulls hair* I'm slowly moving it to the living room, so to keep the piles neat and to not fill up the living room where I can't use it.

I would have gotten more done but I wrote instead this holiday. :p