Monday, December 07, 2009

"Did he just call me a vessel?"

First coherent thoughts on Syfy's Alice: "TIMMY, I missed you!"
"O'Brien what are you doing here?"

Yeah, I skipped Castle, because I'm fairly certain I'll get Castle in reruns without horrid cuts and Syfy is not that reliable.

Overall, I enjoyed part one and I'm certain I'll like part two. I loved how they acknowledged the book and made it history of the world as well as using the characters as archetypes to fill. Working in Dinah the cat and the Cheshire Cat was inspired.

One Massive costuming dept. FAIL: "He must have slipped it in my pocket!" WHAT POCKET on Alice's dress? Yeah, the color combo was interesting, but I want to steal her boots.

Dad is the wise-old guy in the waiting room. Since Mom is Carol, I'm expecting his name to be Lewis.

*Squishes the White Knight* Matt Frewer, I forgot he was in this until he showed up. Where is my A-Team movie? *Sob* Really Hollywood, I figured out what to do with the old cast minus Hannibal and new hot young guys. Call me!

And I'm seriously in love with this rewrite of the Mad Hatter. Don't know if I'm shipping Alice/Hatter yet or just like them as comrades-in-arms, I guess that depends which side Jack ultimately ends up on.

Dr. Dee and Dum beat out Disney's version, which I had thought was super creepy before now.

Haven't been bit by a crossover bug, which apparently a few in Tin Man fandom have. *Snort* I suppose I have my crossover fix already in place thanks to Zack. And my Planes-walker is really glad he doesn't have to go to Wonderland.

Thoughts on Part Two:
"GAETA! How did I miss you the first time! Oh yeah, you only had one line."

So I was totally wrong about Dad and his name should have been Lewis. But this time the Walrus and the Carpenter died and all the oysters survived. :D

Hatter versus the Tweedles and Mad March in the truth room! I was waiting for somebody to start spouting the tea party nonsense.

Hatter/Alice shipper now, and it is so totally canon. But Mom's expression at the end: Mastercard priceless!

Another lovely quote:
Hatter: *Hugging Allice after she gloumped him* "Oh this is nice." *Realizes where they are and let's her go* "We should do this when we're safe."

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