Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts on Doctor Who: End of Time Part One

First off, I GET PART TWO NEXT SATURDAY! *Happy dance* Okay this makes a little more sense knowing my history with Doctor Who on PBS. They would always show the middle of the block of episode dealing with the mission of the day. And then when you actually got hooked and wanted to see the next part, tomorrow night would have a complete different episode. Then SyFy jacking with how long they took to show series. *Sigh* I love grabbing the DVDs, but series four is $85!

Wilf finally made opening credit status! And I think he's officially the oldest companion--not counting Romana.

"Legend of the Blue Box" in the stained glass window; they call him the Sainted Physician. -- I love when those tidbits of the Doctor's influence come up.

Woman in the pearl necklace is played by Claire Bloom, who has quite the resume especially for British television.

O.O Well, no wonder Queen Elizabeth wanted to get his head in the "Shakespeare Code."

Yeah, saw the damn ring coming back. Did not expect the Master to have a harem of devotees. Secret Book of Saxon? Okay, why not, he wasn't that busy frakking with Utopia and winning an election and abusing the TARDIS back and forth.

It's never good when the Ood's eyes go red.

Bio-meteric-whatisit? lasted that long? Really? Time Lord DNA stands up pretty well.


"Between us we've got the city covered." -- Seriously, let me adopt Wilf as my grandfather.

The Master is now part grasshopper and Skeletor! (And that was such a giggle when the Doctor called him that too.) He's no Ainsley, but I like John Simms' Master. Completely LOONEY TUNES!

"Sound of Drums" flashback with a vengeance. Still not as creepy as all the humans drumming. Hoped the Doctor locked the TARDIS better this time.

Doctor finally notices he keeps running into Wilf; only three of four times now.

"Ten Years After" is STILL my fanon. Shaun Temple; I so tried to change that to Simon Templar.

Narrator is Timothy Dalton, snazzy robe, Rasslion?

Don't think gluttony with help your condition, Master. Oooo, he's knocking four times with the drumming. Time Lord Mind meld! The drumming is real?

"All these years you thought I was mad!" And for good reason!

Wilf stands at the "heart of coincidence" according to Pearl Lady. I have sneaky suspicion she's Romana.

My thoughts upon seeing Wilf's gun. "Will that thing still shoot?"

Doctor-Donna is still around?

Doctor getting into the TARDIS with Wilf on his heels and Sylvia Noble screaming: "You can't go with me."
Wilf: "You can't leave me with her!"

I know the blonde disguised cactus -- NINA from "Being Human" Oh that hair style looks good on you, hun.

I really hope Gwen kept better charge of the Torchwood stuff in Cardiff. Cause whoever cleaned up after Canary Wharf did a sloppy job.

Clever use of the Obama stand-in, and maybe some news footage.

Donna's not affected? Time Lord biology; can't remember that gooble-gook from the "End of the Journey." Donna's remembering and yes, they are going with the brain frying thing. Can't she catch a break? Hell, Martha got a better ending than this.

"The human race was always your favorite, now it's the Master race!" -- Okay, RTD, I forgive a lot because riding with the Doctor is tons of fun. But we meet and I'm Gibbs-slapping you for that line. Don't care if I get arrested for assault.

TIME LORDS! Time Lords looking an awful lot like Daleks there. So is Timothy Rassion? The Keeper? Vinyard? Some other Time Lord prick?

Inside Doctor Who: Yes, I got the not-good vibe from the Time Lords. Good job with that. Though when told how the Master came back (to help them win the Time War) my first shout was "How badly were you guys LOSING to save the homicidal maniac from final death!" I haven't trusted them for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I just want Wilf alive in the end and Donna intact with all her memories but deciding to make a go of a good life on Earth with her new fella.

(And a brief glimpse at the AltVerse Doctor/Rose being happy)