Saturday, December 26, 2009

Computer fun

I took part of the cash I received for a Christmas present and bought more RAM. 1GB was the biggest card I could find that my computer would take, but the Geek Squad Agent at Best Buy assured me that I could leave in my original memory card since I had two slots still open as long as the total I put in doesn't go over 3GB (a limit set by my motherboard).

So now I have 1.25GB of RAM, and the computer is running the best it has in a long time. I just managed to get through my GMail inbox without getting a Javascript run error. I haven't tested the games I've noticed have a really bad lag time yet. I have a suspicion that will be fixed too, and I can't remember who told me "oh you have plenty of RAM that's not the issue" every time I bitched about the way the computer ran. I owe them a boot to the head.

Left GMail up while watching Doctor Who. No Javascript errors! Somebody really needs that boot to the head.

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