Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And the new year is FREEZING!

My joke has been I was preparing for a cold winter because of how well the Saints were performing. New Orleans had a hard freeze last night, down to the 20s. Now the Northshore, we get hard freezes regularly, but south of the lakes usually stays about 10 degrees warmer. Hence the cartoon.

I've already warned my coworkers that if I wake up and it's raining grits again, I'm staying home. Doesn't stick my ass.

The biggest aggravation is dressing in layers to be warm enough to survive the commute, but once at work, I want to strip down to a short set. I don't know if it's the combination of being under the vent and next to the window that collects a lot of sunlight during the day or what. I do know that I only have cotton panties and pants on my butt because my coat covers that area and it is usually sweating by the end of the day. Weird.

So far the 2010 has started off, not perfectly but nothing to bad to complain about. I do need to find more time for chores and exercise. I was going to start my weight lifting 90 day challenge again, but I've about decided with my painful lack of flexibility showing, I better start a 90 days straight of yoga challenge instead.

The New Year's party was a blast. Though I really don't understand how I managed to be the first human up at 8:45am when I went to bed around 3:30am. *Shrug* Still I had a good time and we decided we need to have more get togethers in 2010.

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