Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Um, where's my bounty from the god Caffeine

In case I haven't talked to you already, I'm back from my trip and had a lovely time. Just what I needed to do. However, I brewed my last bag of caffeinated tea before I left and just finished my last soft drink this morning. I've got a cup of hot chocolate to stave off the withdrawal since I don't get paid until Friday. *Sigh*

Anyways, I'm happy to report that the local copy of Circulation Desk is finally running properly in my Development Environment with all the contributed module folders out of the core module folder. Oddly enough, they refuse to work under sites/circulationdesk/modules but will work under sites/all/modules. On the prod sites this won't matter because they each are a separate install of Drupal. I will have to be extra careful in the development environment with which modules go with which site because they will have access to all of them.

Depending on what the lack of caffeine does to me today, I haven't decided if I should fix the other two sites production sites or their local copies first. I know I need to translate my notes of bitching into actual instructions, but I don't feel awake enough for that. :p

In other news, I got my haircut last night! It's chin-length now, and the rest sent off to Locks of Love. Now I just have to make sure I don't break out or flake up and figure out the the twist for the stole for Dec. 12th. Seriously, the included instructions don't work. I'm afraid I may have to safety pin it to the robe so the colors show. Is that against the rules for proper collegiate wear?

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Fyn said...

Your grad gear sounds complex. Hubby just had a gown and a mortarboard and some coloured sash thing that denoted (DENOTE not DONATE whic drove me mad on the first comic I converted on Red Planet ;) what school they were from. I didn't go to mine, got them to send me the pieces of paper.

Today is Friday! I would send you some caffeine if I could.

I'm curious, if you have separate installs on your production sites why don't you just do separate installs on your local? I've got about five copies of drupal running on mine for different websites, but I find them easier to deploy that way :) I think for it to show up for multisite you have to edit base_url in the site specific settings.php and the folder name has to have the domain extension. Well that's how I got it working the one time I tried setting it up.

Glad you had a good thanksgiving

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I borrowed tea bags for Mom to get past yesterday. Now I just have to figure out how to buy my abbreviated grocery list, pay the house note, and keep the other creditors at bay. *Sigh* This would be much easier if I could afford a damn cannon.

Wikipedia: Academic Dress: The Hood This is actually the part I'm talking about. What's really funny is I've done enough 14th century reenactments, is I can see the original stuff from which it is descended. (I think the original stuff would probably be easier for me to wear. :p) My issue is you have to almost make it into a mobius strip so the velvet showing what academic field I've earned is showing in the front, and the chevron with the colors of the school is showing in the back. The instructions on how to accomplish this are less than clear. I'm sure if someone else does it instead of me doing it myself, it should work. I think. Anyways, I skipped walking for my BA while my sisters didn't, so I was facing parental wrath if I skipped out this time.

As far as separate installs of Drupal goes, *shrugs* That's what I thought I had and then only the front pages would load. All the links got 404 errors. So now I'm using the running multiple site from one codebase instructions and that seems to be working.

Course, I've paused in order to write up my own directions. The whole thing may break again once I add in another site. :p I'll find out this weekend.