Wednesday, May 23, 2007

W.W.T.D.D. ?


Home on the Strange: Who is Your Savior? and Who is Your Savior? (Regeneration Remix)

The Doctor if you please! LOL!!! I'm so with Tom on this. Let's start a new religion! What Would the Doctor Do?

And I've been trying to look sexy in my sneakers like 10. (That's my cover story anyway. I really just need to buy some new work shoes.)

Course I'm limited to who I can share this with. My office is out. I get to giggle in my cubicle again.

Also reminded of Neil's essay on the Doctor: The Nature of the Infection.

I'm going to have "Who Is In Time" song in my head all day. And that's not bad at all. :D

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MerylF said...

OH MAH GOD I have to try that he he he he he!