Sunday, May 06, 2007

Done in by technology

*Sigh* Recent events--namely getting stuck in Denham Springs with no way of knowing how to get around the traffic mess and no atlas or maps in car--made me realize I need to put some of that stuff on my phone. Unrelated email from a friend made me go look at the other things Google offers. Mobile maps! Yeah!

Now, I have added "going to cell phone store so they can show me how to use my browser properly" to the To Do list.

Also Google Calender is present a learning curve. Apparently my calender and the link with Gmail aren't connecting. *Sigh*

And I'm hoping that upgrading to the next version of BookCAT clears up those problems.

In other news, housecleaning is still going but I think I will finish today. Actually, I'm not giving myself much of a choice. I want to do full on writing next weekend or go get my tent from Lafayette (long story).

"The Harder They Come: Writing Woes" by J.A. Konrath is spot on BRILLIANT! I used to be much better at shutting that question voice up, back when I didn't put so much on the line with the story. I'm working on that.

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MerylF said...

Gooogle, gooogle! He he he :)

You plan to write all of next weekend? AWESOME!! I plan to read it ALL, so you'd better post it babe!