Monday, May 28, 2007

Weird three-day weekend

My real plans got shoved aside, so I ended up at the house. I took my mother to see Georgia Rules for a belated Mother's Day present and she enjoyed it. I kept having to go back and forth to the store twice before I got the right equipment to transfer cassette tapes to the harddrive. I have 5 recorded now that need further editing to split songs apart and shrink to mp3s or burn to CDs.

I was going to work on Alt BM Site, but the hosts email me today and ask not to update because they are moving both sites to a new server. So I try to work on the Library's update and get hopelessly confused over the state of the Writing Tutorials. But I have officially canceled the newsletter now, and I'm not sure how many I have to add to the archive.

The Educator's Guide just wasn't grooving. I don't know if it was just the not being used to working on the laptop (since the desktop was busy with the recording) or if what I was recording just not conductive to writing.

Paperwork I did get some progress on. I have one box of various things to deal with, the receipts to go into Quicken basket, the papers to scan are in one place instead of five, and writing related stuff is in one pile. Now that last pile probably needs me to go through it again and see if some of it can be filed in binders or shelved. I don't really know how much clean space I acquired since I filled it with audio tapes.

So I don't know why I just feel so blah and I wasted the whole weekend. I think I'm going to watch some Perry Mason and just veg until bedtime.

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Jazz said...

How terrible am I? I still haven't given my Mother her Mother's Day card. And Mother's Day is in March in the UK. You're a far better daughter than I.

MerylF said...

Sometimes you just have those days. Enjoy your Perry Mason and relax :)