Thursday, May 03, 2007

Project Updates

Let's see: housecleaning and writing are going as well as can be expected. I have a lot of both, but I think this weekend--if plans don't change--will wipe out housework and dent the writing. School work is practically over; just the final left. So now it's time to consider what else needs updating: the websites.

I started listing things here and realized it was getting too long and moved it to Backpack instead. 12 items so far for Alt. Biker Mice Site, and 5 for the Library.

The biggest issue for Alt BM Site after getting the Drupal upgrade is the Tortures. Okay, I can accept that they don't understand which numbers have been used. To a certain degree I was willing to work around that--namely finding out if there was a way to get them auto-titled with the next number whenever someone clicked on it. BUT when a user creates a torture which is a plot bunny to share with the rest of the fandom to advertize a Geocities site with new series Rimfire pics on it for the sole purpose of complaining about the look, I want to borrow Miss Snarks' clue cannon and let them have until they are vaporizied.

*Calming down from Klingon battle rage* So it's obvious Tortures is not working as intended. And I really don't want to go back to vetting and adding the content. Lord and Lady, all that typing sucked. But I am at a lost of what to do with it.

Idea 1: Make it a forum under Red Planet. Users can post, they can discuss, they can vote on what gets added to the list at Alt. BM Site.
Idea 2: Make the Tortures a forum on Alt. BM Site for the same reasons. I don't really want to add a forum to Alt. BM Site because the fandom already has places to talk.
Idea 3: Keep the set up as is only figuring out how to make it number automatically, but new ones are moderated and aren't added until the moderator approves the post.
Idea 4: Make it a static page that no one can add too. I don't really want to do this either because the new series needs Tortures too.
Idea 5: Some solution I haven't thought of yet.

And that's where I am tonight. And finding notes. I didn't want a right-hand column on the content pages. I wonder if I can fix that with Views. Anyway, bounce some ideas to me while I go find Krug and see if he is any help. And get some sleep.

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Mez said...

Errum, a tricky one. I have to agree that having to update it yourself is not a good solution. I personally think just moderating the list and removing spam every now and then would be the answer. Less work for you, and it doesn't matter if the numbers are not consecutive.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Well numbers matter when you have a nitwit go back to the 100s and you're almost in the 500s.

Mez said...

Oh, so it doesn't actually give them numbers? That sucks.

Can you order them alphabetically and remove the numbers?