Thursday, May 17, 2007

This ain't good

It's gotta be resistance that I hate the outline. I think it's a stupid outline and shows no sensitivity.

It's a bloody outline. It's not supposed to show sensitivity! And it's what the boss wants.

Okay, where to stick falconry is an honest question. I don't think it really fits with "Knights and Jousting" but it has nothing to do with the other topics either. Maybe bump it up to its own section until we get more stuff like it?

And only one title on the outline doesn't suck.

Yeah, that's resistance again.

And I have a page count (20 - 30), which is making me twitchy cause I'm so used to working with word counts. But just judging by the preliminary numbers, I have to slash the Educator's Guide in half for starters. Plus add in the characters.

My new haircut was a big hit with everybody.

YES! I found my missing notes from the History of the Book class. Or at least one of them. Didn't I make notes on the second turn in? *Go digging again* No, that would be just too damn easy. ARGH! I remember doing it. Proof yet again that I need to handle the piles of paperwork crisis because I can't find anything.

This week has been hell and I'm cranky. I'm going to coddle the cranky by going to bed early and really do it tonight. Notes are in a safe binder that I need to relabel. I have an official outline that sucks, but gives me a great excuse of what not to include in the 2008 version. I'm going to count that as a victory, and look forward to my plan of attack.

Plan of attack: 1). move only the files that will be included as text to the 2008 folder. 2). Match AMF characters with sections. 3). Divide out the cookbook as a separate file from the guide and activity book, but worry about making it pretty later.

So after that my question would be, do I write the intros first and then chop? Or chop and then write? And if I cut each sections' previously written word count in half, will that get me to 30 pages of end project?

Now the brain is just being silly. Off to bed.

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MerylF said...

Introductions and conclusions should always be written last :)