Monday, May 14, 2007

So what has to happen before we make the local news?

700 people blow up? The building gets destroyed? I saw the news van, but it is too much to ask for a notice on the websites I can link to. Or at least see if I need to go to work.

It's Monday, but I get to work with no problems. The morning routine goes according to schedule. Typing lawsuits while waiting for the mail and making notes on website changes. Then two DPS (a section of the state troopers that handle security for the state government buildings) officers head to the mailroom's supervisor's office. (The reason it is in our space is a long and boring.) I hear "mail" before they shut the door.

There's only two problems you can have with mail that would involve the cops: anthrax and a bomb.

No email notices are sent out yet. Scarlet (my immediate supervisor)went down for breakfast and came back with the news that the first floor is swarming with cops. "Have you shit ready to grab when we have to hit the doors. And I'm ready to evacuate now."

We get an email telling us to turn off our cell phones. People are starting to get really jittery now. Then Cathy (mailroom supervisor) comes out of her office. "Just a drill, but you have to evacuate." Followed with the fire warden for our section coming through. "GET OUT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! GET OUT OR BLOW UP!"

Down the stairs, across the parking lot, where we wait. Three emailed bomb threats, and the cops are now searching everything. Fine by me: "Can I move my car so concrete won't hit it? I just bought it." The answer was no.

Neighboring Livingston building let us in, but the entire building didn't fit. Down the road but within walking distance, Claiborne Building opened up for us too. It's now sometime after 10am. 2 people have to leave by EMS.

By 11:40 am, I convinced some of my coworkers we needed to get food at Claiborne. The only words we were getting was sign a legal pad and don't go home. We just got our food and sat down, when we're told to move to another room, the Commissioner has news.

Early dismissal, the cops are checking cars to rule out another Oklahoma City, so you may have to wait until yours is inspected. It is a credible threat "but if Homeland Security can't catch this nut, we got other things to worry about." Yeah, that didn't bring up any bad flashbacks of "Good job, Brownie" *shudder*. "Come back tomorrow and if it isn't safe, they won't let you in."

It was a good thing I was sitting in the back, so my boss of bosses didn't hear me mutter: "You live here. I'd like to know before I drive a fucking hour at 6am."

Went home, got my Hammond errands wrapped up early, was getting everything all caught up with Mom, and the electricity goes out so I can't see the 5pm news. My uncle got it on his battery powered TV and says I have to go in.

But I'd feel a whole lot better about it knowing the arrested the kook.

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MerylF said...

Wow! GREAT start to the week, for heaven's sake. It apalls me that they took so long to evacuate. When Brisbane City Transport got a bomb threat, they had the buses shut down and everyone off within 5 minutes. You can imagine what a nightmare THAT was at 5:15pm.

And a power cut just to top it all off - well done, you win :)

Sorry you have to go to work tomorrow, it would have been nice to have a free day.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I don't want to say what rumor has the emails saying without a source to back it up. Or if I'm putting something out there that's not supposed to be.

But yeah, I really wish they stop discussing things thing in committee trying to decide if the government function is more important if it turns out to be a prank and make a decisions.

But Our still think our kook was watching a little too much Hollywood. Three taunting emails? WTF?

MerylF said...

Just think of this as plot fodder :) Maybe Cynthia runs into a bomb threat at one of the horrible, soul-stealing jobs she takes after quitting the force.