Saturday, January 20, 2007

Writing Weekend

Though I may have to add clean the office to it so I have desk surface to work on writing with.

Yesterday and Friday were nil in terms of actual writing, but I did get the outline typed up in the manuscript. And then I went digging into my files. What I had a suspicion about was Family, Friends, and Foes, a fanfic but the last work of fiction of size and scope (over 126,000 words), and resembling what I'm attempting with Zy's Novel.

What I did learn from the freelance gig was outline made everything work out better. Zy's Novel outline on Chapter Nine - the end make up 2 pages and a paragraph on the third typed. Family, Friends, and Foes's outline had 13 pages including a timeline of the novel, characters list, plot and subplots lists.

Even with a couple of timelines figured up in Excel, my outline is hardly there. Which I guess means I shouldn't be surprised when I dig into my brain and find the story barely there as well. So really this weekend is going to be getting my vague notions on paper, where I can and probably will deviate from, but at least I can say "yes, that resembles a book."

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