Sunday, January 14, 2007

Now that was romantic

Websnark: Submitted Without Comment: The Most Important Post I Will Ever Make. Especially when set to music. Hint, watch the MP4.

The overall feast was fun, mixed with a couple of bad pangs of feeling like a damn third wheel. I'm beginning to think I need to see a shrink over my inferiority complex that keeps popping up. Wasn't made too much better this morning by my man declining to have breakfast with me so he could finish sleeping off his legally prescribed medication. Which part of me wants to be reasonable and understand since an allergic reaction almost sent him to the hospital last week, and part of me wants to whine "He's so selfish. It's always what he wants and my sleep schedule and when my body is used to eating should conform to his sleep schedule." I don't think the second half got enough sleep last night.

*Sigh* I don't know what's wrong with me besides loving a man who once demonstrated an awkward romantic side that matched mine, but has since moving back to Lafayette has turned it off completely. And I want more romance; or if he wants us to act like the old married farts everyone assumes we are, I WANT THE MARRIAGE AND THE CO-HABITAION AND SOMEONE TO GO HOME TO BESIDES MY CAT! Considering if I had all that, I probably wouldn't be so icky girly touchy-touchy in public with him (which is what he seems to have issues with). And maybe I was less publically demonstrative when he lived in Hammond and I was seeing him everyday, so he should understand why that's not the case anymore.

Or on last note, this could all be PMS fueled and it's just the hormones talking.

So I arrived home not really in a mood to do anything but play on the computer and read. So I'm playing on the computer and reading. Yeah, I'll end up doing something work-ish related, but not anytime soon.

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Mez said...

As you said, play is important :) It's ok to take a break now and then.

Hard to tell if it's PMS, but you certainly sound unhappy. Let him know you are unhappy, and then if he doesn't pull his socks up, let him have it! A relationship where ne partner is unhappy is no good relationship.