Saturday, January 13, 2007

My first freelance gig

It was the EBook on organizing. Final word count as of last night: 11,116 words. I'm pleased with the results, but it's not done until my employer say so. I won't know until Sunday, Saturday is booked this weekend.

What I have learned about my first freelance job? Actually having a final word count helps work out how long it will take to do the job. I roughly write around 400 words an hour, but it goes much faster with an outline. Scary fast, and I think I may end up in my fiction doing what I did in this project: inserting a bullet list of points to hit that get deleted as they're hit. I usually put fiction outlines elsewhere, but getting Zy's novel worked on....

Hunting show news: 5 men illeagelly killed 10 deer and an alligator because they had nothing better to do. Yes, I want to smack them too. This is about the only time I listen to talk radio, and this station has interesting shows pre-seven a.m.

So today is Saturday: I have to go to Lafayette for a cast meeting and then a garbbed Twelfth Night feast. I'll probably come home on Sunday to work on office paperwork. Yeah, it's a three-day weekend this weekend, but we got the camping site clean-up next weekend in Lafayette, and I need to write fiction and the cooking show. Plus getting ready for school and cook some meat I found in the back of my freezer.

My weight is hideous. Not my all-time worse, but damn it keeps creeping up. This past week had me coming straight home for two to three hours of writing time to get my freelance job done. But I need to go to the gym to workout because working out at home I just don't do it. I'll figure something out on it, when I can think about it. I guess on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully practicing the dance for work will burn some off. I have to start that on Sunday too.

That's all I got for now. Time to get chores done and pack the car.

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Mez said...

Good stuff Bookie :) I hope it pays well.