Thursday, January 18, 2007

Important Questions for today that I'm in no mood for

#1. If I hadn't come to work, would the leftover UNIX have ever been done?

#2. How much more annoyed can I get in one day?

I'll explain later.

It's later. But where to start? UNIX is the manual way of processing checks on my job. Yesterday, I had a check that wouldn't scan and didn't get a chance to put it in UNIX myself. Okay, it has to be done in the morning today.

I didn't get into work until 12:30p.m. And the check is still in the bucket to be done. *Sigh* Yeah, the supervisor says she's going to talk to the rest. Probably on Tuesday at the office meeting. Maybe one of these days, I'll actually listen to myself when I tell myself that I don't give a damn about this job other than doing what I have to do to get my paycheck.

So the rest of the day: the bank aggravation grows. I'm P.O. at Capital One for no contact but I may have to keep the account open while I attend SLU. They closed my account due to lack of funds Friday, Jan. 12th, and I didn't contact me. Had they contacted me, I would have told them I'm expecting a direct deposit of my financial aid refund Jan. 15th, the date according to SLU (and they have an exclusive contract with Capital One).

So I only discovered this fracas over the holiday, and basically got word from the national customer service that I'd be able to get my money Thursday morning. So here it is Thursday morning, wet, nasty, and about ten degrees warmer that it has been. Lobby doesn't open until 9am, guess who thought it was 8am and had to wait in the parking lot for an hour? Only to be told there is no deposit anywhere in the system. Go see Southeastern.

Now I'm getting panicky because I told everybody I owed money to I could pay on Thursday. Southeaster says they haven't sent out any refunds and lender's checks are probably arriving next week (Controller's Office), don't cancel direct deposit because Capital One will reopen you account (Payroll and Capital One workers at SLU), and lenders checks will be cut on Friday, bitch (Financial Aid). Actually, "bitch" wasn't said, but implied.

So I didn't cancel the direct deposit and have no idea when my money will arrive. I'll keep the account open with $100 but I don't trust it with anything like my bills again. And since I will be sticking to my budget this year and not loaning out any money, I shouldn't run dry in August and December again.

Luckily, this week is a payweek so I was able to pull out cash and pay the most pressing bills and buy books for school. My mystery class tonight is African-American lit, which I'm having a hard time building up any enthusasism about. I still haven't been paid for my freelance gig. I don't know if I got rooked but I wish I had used the escrow account now so I could complain.

More later: The class is actually African-American drama/performace art. I don't get any credit for it due to sharing a number with another class I took, but since both classes qualify as electives, I don't feel like finding another. Teaching Creative Writing is the Wednesday night class, and looks to be interesting. I'm debating whether to use the Mary Sue stuff for BMFM as one of the "lectures." The class ended up being fairly split between not-employed-by-the-Dept. of Education and employed-by-the-Dept. of Education, so the prof. is giving us some leway in what we present.

Jan. 20th: It's much later, and I'm still waiting on school money that SLU says they released Jan. 18th. That's right, the same day I went looking for it and nobody can find it. I think Capital One has it now, and are holding it until it clears. Now why this takes them a week when at my job it takes at the most 2 days to get our electronic deposits cleared (and it looks like they're bringing that down to one day at the bank's end), I will never understand. Still waiting for my freelance money. And hopefully Wednesday will have my student meal plan and Laignnaipe account reopened. Yeap, Thursday had them unusable after I made my fuss and everybody in charge should have known I was getting money.

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