Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plan of attack

348 words yesterday, and I got started while juggling job assignments. Not to bad. I still feel bad about my fill-in-the-blank aliens though. So here's the plan for today:
  • Finish typing what I have written

  • Type out the outline as it stand now for the rest of the book in the manuscript

  • Check with Writerly--or whatever Google is calling it now--and see what I need to upload to bring it up to date

  • Work on alien creation and finish filling out my describing sheet on at least one of them.

  • Eventually need to start working on cultures and languages

Not too overly ambitious, I hope.

I also remembered this morning, after fighting with my computer, why I wait so long between backups. There's no bloody way to do it cleanly. So I guess I'll just have to be content with saving the My Documents and Program Files sections, and hope that those recovery points actually do something when I need to reboot the computer from scratch.

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Mez said...

Very nice progress there :) As for the aliens, sounds like good fun to me!