Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching Up Before I Get Behind

Projects for ENGL-646
  • Reading response journal - due weekly

  • Ongoing writing project = Zy's novel Chp 9 - 11 - due weekly

  • Mini-research project - due ?

  • Book project & presentation - due ?

  • Mini-lesson plan & presentation - due ?

  • Lesson plan & presentation - due ?

  • Final paper/final version of ongoing writing project - due ?

  • Final exam - due

Projects for ENGL-650
  • 15 page research paper - due March 15/March 22

  • Class presentation of research paper - due March 15/March 22

  • Two 3-page play analysis papers - first due March 1

  • Journal with 10 reaction entries on classmates presentations - due weekly

  • Attend at least 2 Black History Month presentations for Feb 8th class - due ?

I need to have everything written before March 31st - April 3rd. I don't plan on missing class April 4th or 5th, but I'm not giving myself any presentations those two days.

ENGL-646 projects I think I'm going to hold back so other classmates with thesis and comps and more strenuous papers can go first. Though since I got this weekend free (bad weather again), I'm proably going to be working on homework. Get as much written as possible before it's actually due.

Also need to write the cooking show scripts.

Research topic: why is picking one in this subject so hard? I guess I'll start with Ashe Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans and have Zora Neale Hurston as my backup. Third choice is "Myth of the Negro Past."

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is one of the required readings for ENGL-646. I think it's been recommended by just about everyone who has written a how-to-write book. It's simply about how empowering the act of writing is, how the only rule is practice everyday, how to care about the process and not worry so much about the product, how to get into the Zen state of writing. Powerful little book.

For the writing project inside of ENGL-646, I'm going to use Zy's Novel--at least the next few chapters. I already finished my outline: concrete details for Chapter 9 - 21 and no blank chapters now. If I need a break a break in the prose, I can fleshout the aliens and other background material tasks.

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