Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can't think of a title today

Went to the March salon at Vianne's last night. They had Bev Marshall, a local writer, speaking. This one actually let out at 9:00pm instead of midnight like the last one we went to, and it let me glop more writing culture. She's also connected with SLU, so it's networking.

Job Search: Speaking of SLU, they don't want to give me an interview. So I'll be reapply to that same job and a new one that has opened up.

Bay Area Ren. Festival: Leaving tomorrow at 6am. We're going to be staying at a time share in Orlando. I don't want to have to drive 14 hours. Okay that's my last whine about that. We need a vacation, even if it's a working one. :p At least I have money to spend.

Financial Aid: Came in last night. Going to buy my new digital camera tonight. No longer will no camera keep me from working on the Garb Closet. Time probably will though.

Classwork: It's very hard to edit a story when you want to do the work on Dreamweaver that at this moment is only available at SLU's lab. It's even harder when the fonts have messed up for a big chunk in the middle and replaced the quotation marks with garbage.

Daily Writing Schedule: Back to work on it.

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