Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday update

Side effect of waiting until the television set dies before buying a new one, I'm stuck with a heavy-ass TV. I did get the wires switched and lost a little video quality going through the VCR, but the timer should work to tape Castle and V. So Monday night I'll be in bed at 8pm. :D

Dixie Carter dies. Julie "The Terminator" Sugarbaker on Designing Women was a role model, fictional role model but nonetheless, Dixie Carter was a wonderful woman and actress. I need to get the series on DVD.

So I need to change the headlight that burnt out in the car and then all my dirty jobs will be finished and I can sew.

Poor Mustard is shedding like crazy. I'm wearing black jogging pants with orange calves where he has rubbed against me.

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