Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spontaneous combustion of hair

Let's establish what we know about the subject moi. I am not a first adopter of anything. While I'm not an Luddite, I don't see any hurry to jump on what everyone else wants to do. Usually because by the time I do, everyone has jumped off to something else. But when I do latch onto something I like, I go overboard and can't leave it alone. I have three blogs, enough said. I'm bitched at work for constantly being on the Internet. My focus SUCKS when trying to ignore updates and pings, and reading what everyone else is doing and I don't write. (Probably a huge contributing factor as to why I feel I get more done with a longhand first draft.)

I think Twitter is a stupid waste of time unless you are organizing a revolution or a protest like Iran did last year. I don't care about what you are doing every five seconds. And I will strangle anyone who says I need that.

The last time I did anything with MySpace, I found it to be written to give morons access to a website and since I know HTML and code my own, I got irritated beyond belief trying to use it.

Yeah, I hear the stammering "buts." No, I DON'T see a difference with Facebook. I have email, I have blogs, I have websites. I am a person who exists with plenty to say. Until I have a published book to promote it will not help me on the job (in fact will probably negatively affect my job since I MUST play with the new thingy I found). And a vast majority of the time, I don't want to be found by people who are only interested in pestering me for more fanfiction faster, which was the reason I stopped using IM.

And despite explaining this very succinctly to people, I am flooded with multiple requests to "join Facebook." Including the latest email today, which was probably an innocent query, but my hair burst into flames.

So rather than go screaming out of my workplace and wait for the nice men in white coats to show up, I put up a poll. You have two weeks to convince me I should a) drink the Koolaid and join the damn thing that I will NEVER update (seriously if I can turn on email alerts and forget it I so fucking will) b) and joining it will not interfere with my life (but it will and I'll never get any more fiction wrote again).

Two weeks. That's it. After that point I will start using the three strikes in response to the pesters. Strike one: assuming that person does not know that I don't want to do that and politely refuse. Strike two: when brought up again, give a lowball reason as to why the answer is still no. Strike three: Get graphic because they asked for it.

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Astra Skadi said...

Can't really tell you whether you should or shouldn't join. Mainly I use it b/c people I know use it as a blog and I can keep up with them that way. (It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out this function. At first, I signed up just 'cause it was there.)

Suzanne said...

Okay, I'm not going to say you should or shouldn't join either.

The reason I use it is to keep in touch with my family and friends, because sometimes I forget to check my e-mail. Its the only way some of my family are able to keep in touch.

I find that it is more secure than myspace, and I refuse to twitter. You can specify that only your friends see what you want them to see, and you can keep stuff private to where no one sees it. I also like it because it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that myspace has... and its free.

I only encourage you to join facebook as it can be used to promote certain things that you want people to know... which I know, you already do.

Yeah, sure, when I first joined I was on it a lot... but I've dropped off from being on as often... but I do try to update at least once or twice a week. And, I'm surprised at how many people actually do read my facebook.

Its totally up to you. I'm not going to twist your arm or force you. But I'd love to have one of my favorite people as a contact on facebook.

ryivhnn said...

Waaah I'm sorry! :( Definitely wasn't asking you to join, figured you'd have one if you had one and wouldn't if you didn't...did not mean to set your hair on fire! D:

KLCtheBookWorm said...

No worries, Bek, the hair catching on fire was bound to happen. The last week of March just set me on edge for no reason I can put my finger on.

ryivhnn said...

I think I've had bouts of time like that. Hope it's all calmer and smoother :)