Friday, April 09, 2010

The Schedule Is Not Working

The next entertainment center must have wheels. Yes, I can change the wires so the Direct TV signal goes through the VCR and I can tape it, but it became such a pain in the ass to get to the wires, I gave up and just watched the episode Monday night.

Then I don't want to wake up on time the next morning, so chores get skipped. And then no energy left to do them when I get home from work. I can't remember the last time I exercised. What also isn't working is the amount of stuff I'm bringing with me to the paying job. While I'm never bored, I am slammed with what do I do right now? indecision. The list of Big Rocks doesn't bother me, but I think I need to only pack two things (one web hour project, one writing project) for travel every night. Don't know how useful this will be since I never seem to do anything at night. I can't figure out how to squeeze it all in.

I'm still tired and it makes me feel helpless and hopeless. It's a good idea and I can make it work.

So that has been my general mood all week. I got at least six hours of sleep last night instead of five and this morning was loads better. Except for inexplicable pain in my left hand; no obvious cause or swelling but it is painful to make a fist or extend my fingers and push with it. Weird.

Doing a little bit everyday works as far as staying on top of chores. But it's not working for me with less sleep. So if I manage to get the TV components rearranged this weekend, do I still need to reconfigure the daily schedule? I was thinking of dropping things, but all the chores I need to do. :p So the answer is getting more sleep.

Another recommendation I ran across is starting off exercise with five minutes a day, then add another five minutes the next week until you reach thirty minutes a day. If I can get the chores under control, I should be able to squeeze in five minutes.

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ryivhnn said...

Right with you on the not working thing, am currently in the middle of (yet another) rejig myself.

Good luck :)