Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Much on the Plate?

As I worked on my weekly review this morning, trying madly to get out the door on time, the reoccurring question of my life popped up again. Am I scheduling too much to do and then wallowing in guilt because I haven't accomplished it all? Usually, the answer is a simple "yes," but this time, I'm not as sure.

I ended up with a three-day weekend thanks to the weather, so I broke my backlog of missed writing time into fifteen minutes chunks and separated the chunks with chores and then things I have been procrastinating on. I never did make it to the back bedroom or finances.

But had I done better with taking my hours Monday through Thursday, that would have been five hours to spend doing something else. I'm not micromanaging my time and I'm proud of the editing progress I made, but I'm not using my time as well as I should. It's a struggle to wake up, it's a struggle to do my chores, and it's a struggle to ignore distractions.

So, besides needing to sit my ass at the computer instead of the TV, what other conclusions can I draw? I shouldn't go to bed before all my daily items are crossed off (barring sickness and if I have made a strong attempt to dent the procrastinated stacks). I really like this one. Too often I let myself get away with saving a chore for the weekend because I didn't do it in the morning and don't feel like doing it at night. And that really makes me sound like a lazy sod, doesn't it?

Let's not go down that path. I'm trying not to give into the cycle of beating myself up because I'm not superhuman. Nothing has a deadline to please someone else, so I don't need to panic over not getting things finished. This is all about establishing a rhythm to enjoy life. because I should be able to take off for a weekend and not feel like I let the house fall apart.

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