Monday, February 22, 2010

This week will be a doozy

Positive from last week: I may not be meticulous about my inbox yet, but I haven't left dishes in the sink before going to bed.

So far, I'm not holding my breath that this week will be stellar--despite my birthday on Friday. I spent three and a half hours Sunday cleaning, putting the shelves up, getting the contents back into the back bedroom so I can use it again. Midnight a thunderstorm rolls in and I heard the unmistakable sound of water hitting the plastic bucket. After all that work Saturday and Sunday, we still managed to miss the damn leak!

It's coming from the seam where two tin sheets overlap. I think we can seal the interior along with the exterior since I uncovered it now. So that feels fixable. But the aggravation levels aren't done.

I broke apart Sunday into writing and website work with the cleanup. It's the easiest method to make sure I don't sit at the computer too long or never take a break from cleaning. So an hour before bedtime, I found myself ready to upload the changes I tested for the Circulation Desk to the production site. Hold the applause; there's a reason why the production site is still in maintenance mode.

All the modules transferred over fine, I'm happily thinking I'll have the Reference Wiki up last night and spend Monday getting links pointed to the nodes, and phpMyAdmin won't import the local copy of the database. Keeps saying it can't find it and then it times out.

Before I pulled myself bald, I went searching if this was a common issue with an established workaround and found instructions for setting up MySQL GUI--a program that acts like a FTP client for MySQL databases (and does other things too). So I clicked away to get it, only to find out it has been replaced with MySQL Workbench and then got mired into them wanting me to wait seven days for a business license to clear. I finally got the open-source version downloaded and went to bed.

Despite not being asleep until after midnight, I got up early enough to have computer time. Program installed just fine, but I could not make it connect to the production site database. All the tutorials I could find are about the other nifty features MySQL Workbench can do, because if you need this program you already know how to make connections. *head desk*

I sent in a feedback form telling my web hosting company that their tutorial is out of date. I may have to go through the trouble ticket route but figured that can wait until I'm home and can actually follow their suggestions. At worse, I can cut and paste to create the Reference Wiki by hand but the whole point of a database is not to have to!

I have to double check that I'm not using two different version of MySQL, but I did have the same issue just importing a just made copy when upgrading to Drupal 6 from 5 (so I don't think that's the culprit). Maybe import in sections, but when the error message says it can't find the file to upload, I don't think that's the solutions.

So Monday is off to a great start. :p

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bek said...

Waaah you have been insanely busy! Have you tried a little script called bigdump? Very useful for importing databases over 2Mb. The MySQL versions shouldn't matter too much as long as they're not major version differences, I don't think.