Friday, January 16, 2009

Number Crunching 145

Quicken Cash Flow = 570.31
STEF Total = 446.20

Enter receipts into Quicken: Done.

Reconcile Quicken to online accounts: Done.

Add totals to spreadsheet: Done.

What did I accomplish during the week? I called Nationstar and not only did they get my payments, I also set up a new payment schedule to get current with my past due amounts. I also need to remember that I have to call the April payment in myself.

I also found a bad flaw with the financial planning I had done for the month: forgetting to pull out gas and grocery money when figuring out with which paycheck to pay for which bills. So I made the following list to help me remember what still needs to be paid next check.

It doesn’t look like they stopped doing subscriptions at Graphic Smash, but that my payment didn’t go through for some odd reason. I’ll have to research that more.

Bills that must be paid by Jan. 30th paycheck:
  • Nationstar Mortgage = 494.30
  • Savings for Driver’s License renewal = 7.17
  • Citifinancial = 137.98
  • Republic Finance = 99.00
  • Chase Student Loan Servicing = 35.91
  • Atmos Energy = 61.04

Your Money or Your Life Exercise: Nope, still ignoring it. For shame really, since I do like the book so much.

Plans for next week:
  • Check with Nationstar Mortgage and make sure they have received payments.
  • Check with Liberty Mutual if payments have been received.
  • Download TurboTax software.
  • Set up ING Direct savings account.
  • Check with Graphic Smash and see if they have canceled subscriptions
  • heck in with Paypal as to why the subscription didn’t go through
  • Join Walgreens Easy Saver program

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