Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I’ve Got Typing to Catch Up On

I never mean to fall behind. Often time, can’t be helped. But I am tired of all my energy going to playing catch-up. I haven’t figured out quite how to balance it yet.

Sporadic news: I feel officially old now—I’ve had my first slip in a shower. I managed to come down on my left thigh across the bathtub wall. The bruise is so deep, there is still no discoloration on my skin even though I’m going on day five since. And all because I was trying not to get my hair wet.

The Dark Knight on an IMAX screen – I wish those seats would come with seat belts. Course, the scenes that induce the falling sensation the most are right at the beginning.

Movies to see: Coraline, Inkheart

Funny thought related to movies: To the makers of My Bloody Valentine 3D, your horror story must suck if all you’re advertising is the 3D shock effect. Hint: go research a movie called the Tingler and see how well the shock effect worked for them.

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