Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowstorm Jack 2008

The DJs on WJBO named this storm “Jack.” The last time we saw snow like this was 1988 (three inches accumulated).

I woke up late this morning to rain, and figured the snow didn’t happened for me. By the time I dressed and was going to head out, I didn’t hear rain on my tin roof anymore. WWL was saying “snow!” I opened the door and gasped. Snowflakes falling in the black before sunrise.

Best comments from callers: “Saints are guaranteed to win tonight.” (They didn’t.) “It’s raining grits.”

They didn’t close I-12 or my job, so I started in. I stopped at Livingston and checked the COOP. Still open. Stopped to buy lunch and breakfast in Walker. Still open, but the snow is piling up in insane amounts. And I didn’t reach Walker until I around 7am. I left home at 5:50am. This trip under normal conditions usually takes 20 – 40 minutes.

Now it’s 8am and I haven’t reached Denham Springs yet. I called in, one of my coworkers made it in and I said I was turning around—once I got somewhere I can turn around at.

Last night, they were telling us “no accumulation.” State offices are still open, but all bridges into Baton Rouge are closed.

I’m switching my car radio between WWL and WJBO as I wait in traffic. *Jaw drop* It’s snowing in CBD of New Orleans. That’s Poydros, that’s the Superdome, that’s further south than I am!

8:20am – Finally got off at Denham Springs and the snow has changed to ice.

8:25am – Finally got on eastbound I-12 to go home at 45 mph.

9:00am – Made it home. Found the driveway thanks to slush puddles. You can hear limbs snapping and transformers popping all around us. We already lost power. Mustard doesn’t like the big flakes falling from the sky. He ran back into the house and got under the covers on the bed.

I lost two more sections of the cedar tree, but they avoided falling on the house.

10am – Measured snowfall with a six-inch ruler.

Unfortunately, power is still out and that means I can’t do a lot of things on my to do list.

2pm – After just bitchin’ about the dishes, I go them all done. I needed to do something between Faulkner reading sessions and I could heat water on the stove. So dishes got elected.

4pm – Still no power. I wish I had washed my hair when I woke up this morning and had power with hot water.

5:40pm – The sane thing to do would be go to bed. I can’t do anything I feel itching at me in the dark with no power, which is a feeling beyond suck. Plus my head hurts from two hours of reading Faulkner.

I don’t know what to do about work tomorrow, but if I don’t have power, what can I do? I called COOP; they closed the building at 9:30am and didn’t say anything about reopening.

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