Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling Like I'm A Day Behind

I'm changing my writing hour to thirty minutes because I can't seem to get to my Faulkner and Beloved hours the way the schedule is now. Not to mention chores. :p

the chores aren't too bad right now but the point is I don't want to have to do a massive cleaning up at one time to catch up. Keep up, no catch up is new mantra. Course if I start getting up on time that will go a long way to having enough time.

I seem to be moving along a pretty good clip today. I caught up on writing life posts in Blank, metric posts in DUF, and I even finished the rough draft of a new tutorial. Which I hope means I'm going to finally get time this weekend to update websites. *Crossing fingers* I'm also hoping I get home at a decent time to finish up some other projects.

I didn't do too badly. Finished Faulkner and Beloved hours. Probably went to bed too late, but sometimes that can't be helped.

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