Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, I Should've Moved More

Really spending most of the weekend getting caught up on finances should not make my back kill me on Monday morning. But I guess it does when you forget to get up until your bladder or stomach need attention. I should use the timer to tell me when to stand up instead of when it's okay to look at the Internet. The multi-tasking habit is hard to break.

However, I did manage to bake bread. I'm trying to cut out as many HFCS as I can and bread is an easy place for them to sneak in. By the time I found the bread aisle in the newly remodeled Winn-Dixie, I had reached my I'm fed up with shopping limit and I didn't trust the ingredient list on any packaging. "Screw it, the only way to be sure is to make it yourself." So back to the baking aisle on the other end of the store, where I paid over $12 for organic whole wheat flour, yeast, oil, and soy milk. (I have one recipe I love that needs it plus I didn't have any problem with using it in the bread and it has a longer shelf life than the smallest bottles of milk I can find. What the hell happened to half-pints they used to give us in school?) I figure that is the ingredients for three loaves of bread before I'd have to get more yeast and flour. And since I bought the stuff on a whim, I wasn't trying to be cost effective. My goal was more bread so I could finish the pound of roast beef I already had in the fridge.

It came out perfect, which was a damn miracle for my kitchen skills. Maybe bread prefers a gas oven. My kitchen sink didn't care for the mess I made with all the dishes one loaf of bread dirtied. But then I started thinking about HFCS and my mother. Over Gustav, when she was complaining how she couldn't just give up bread, I looked at the ingredient list of the current loaf on the table. Then I had to tell her just what havoc HFCS plays with insulin and blood sugar. Eureka! A bread machine! Pour ingredients into one thing, one thing to clean, and I can take a bath without worrying that I'm going to burn the whole loaf with no HFCS or added preservatives.

I found this nice article on how to select a bread machine, which I'm going to have to go back over and discuss with Mom.

The mechanics told me nothing is wrong with my brakes, which doesn't make sense with how badly they were squeaking and how badly the parental units flinch when I'm driving. And then they have the nerve to wonder why it took me until I was 20 to get a driver's license? (Yes, this is their having-gotten-better flinching.) The mechanic assured me I had another 20,000 miles at least.

"I'll see you next month."

"Well, you probably don't need to come in that soon. After all, it's stop and go that puts the wear on brakes."

"Buddy, I commute 80 miles a day Monday through Friday during rush hour. It's nothing but stop and go on the Interstate to and out of Baton Rouge. I'll see you next month."

So I ended up with some time to get a few other things done at home, namely shelving the 30 plus books I got free from Mom's store. Which led to me shuffling the binders around the office again. I'm thinking that I should start measuring for a binder-only shelving unit and reorganize the space again. Or should I get a binder-only filing cabinet? Or just turn a window into a door and build the library I need for all the books. Or if we're talking building projects, build the garage with an office loft and turn my current office space into the library.

Okay, end of wishful thinking. I'm not in a position to do any of those right now. The weather is improving, so hopefully I can get back to working out again. And hopefully I can figure out how to concentrate on finances, exercise, diet, and writing all at the same time.

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