Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Going Through Gustav Day Two

Woke up between 6am and 7 to a still heavy, gray sky and rain. It took until 7:30 to get ready to face it. But the carbon monoxide poisoning headache was finally gone. That's right, my father put the generator in the back garage with what he thought was enough ventilation but people kept leaving the doors between the house and the garages open. Both me and Mom got sick.

Gustav has dropped to a tropical depression heading to Shreveport, but it was so larger, it is still pulling moisture from the Gulf. Hence the rain.

12:35pm - Gustav, Hannah, Ike, and Josephine. This is going to be a fun month already. It's still raining off and on, and Convington has called for evacuation because their river is flooding. Amite River that I have to cross to get to work is forecasted to crest above flood stage tomorrow. I have no idea about Tickfaw or the Natalbany rivers.

Mom declared it my day to cook since I have a working stove and non-working refrigerator. By 11am, I had finished beef stroganoff, beef stir fry, brown rice, Moroccan chicken, and couscous. By then, Mom was napping, Dad was off somewhere I wasn't told about, and Uncle Scott was in his trailer.

Actually, we came through pretty good. The yard debris is branches. Some of our neighbors lost whole trees, and one with the tree in their house. Lovebugs have hatched with a vengeance. Thunderstorms north of Hammond, great.

My plans for this afternoon is to work on Strix and the rest of my Big Rocks that I can do with no electricity and businesses closed. I'm not checking on COOP until after 5pm.

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