Saturday, September 06, 2008

Going Through Gustav Day Six

9:00am: Woke up three times last night. First to go to the bathroom. Then about an hour later before I fell back to sleep, the generator ran out of gas. It was 1:25am, so I know it wasn’t a full tank of gas. The only complaint I have to Craftsmen is that if you build something with a gas tank, it needs a gas gauge. I put what was left in the gas can into the tank and then had the fun of trying to crank it. I have no affinity for pulling crank motors. I woke up Uncle Scott, but I don’t think I yelled that loud.

“Do you get your crazy from your momma?” Considering that my mother is his sister….

“I get it from both sides, but that wasn’t as bad as I can get.”

Then that gas ran out about 4am. I didn’t bother getting up. I slept fitfully through all of it, and remember having a dream Tin Man with werewolves and a Sailor Moon plot (the part where teenage Selene is raising her daughter from the future)> I’m just glad I didn’t put a hurricane in as well.

Got out of bed at 7:30am to overcast skies again. 75 degrees and the humidity is still down. I carried just about everything out of my office to work on the front porch. Then I wanted to test out playing my mp3 player through my CD player/radio, but I only have one 3.5mm connection cord, which is currently plugged into my computer to transfer cassettes to mp3 files. Dad didn’t have a spare, so that experiment in on hold.

Fuck, we are in the five-day cone of probability for Hurricane Ike. Hell, I know there is nothing certain about the five-day forecast, but I don’t know if I can take riding out another one with my mother. Though at the same time, I don’t know if I can afford to evacuate to Austin.

No decisions need to be made right now. I’m going to listen to the home improvement show and work on paperwork.

3:30pm: Power is restored! And I can’t turn on the computer. That’s been a reoccurring problem lately. Dad says it could be the switch, but he can’t look at it until tomorrow.

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