Friday, September 05, 2008

Going Through Gustav Day Five

Sunlight and Mustard tried hard to wake me up much earlier than I wanted to be. I opened the back door so Mustard would entertain himself outside and went back to bed. Then I rolled over and found my cat curled up in bed with me. I still don’t know how he got back in. Need a screened-in porch and a cat door.

8:30am: I woke up and realized the humidity had gone down, so 75 degrees feels like 75 degrees. Still overcast, which helps keep the heat down, but doesn’t help you feel less waterlogged. Ike could go up the East Coast or it could go into the Gulf. We’ll know more by Sunday.

9:00am: Two guys in a PT Cruiser with “Alabama Power” stickers drove down the driveway, checking out power lines. We heard two transformers blow during Gustav on Monday, but it didn’t look like either of ours. Plus no trees or branches broke the connection from the poles to the houses. I got excited, but Mom says they talked to a DEMCO guy last night who lives on Pumpkin Center too and he said three weeks before we see power. I’m trying to be understanding and not get upset, but I don’t know how much sleep I’ll be getting without at least a fan if no A.C.

10:00am: The post office spokesperson is on the radio, saying most post offices are up and running. I haven’t seen a postal carrier in three days. They must be holding ours at the office.

I cleaned out the fridge this morning of leftovers that won’t be eaten. I have to cook what is in the freezer today. And more yard cleaning since the humidity won’t kill us today. I’m going to get started now.

11:00am: The sun is peeking through the clouds. It sounds sad, but I am hoping to get a tan on my snow white legs. Not that I’m planning on laying out in the sun, but I rarely wear shorts, so my lower limbs don’t match my upper.

My parents can get a FEMA refund on the generator they bought, since Mom’s insulin needs to be refrigerated. Dad’s going to try to find me a generator, so I can at least get a fan or an A.C. running so I can sleep.

I’ve done two fifteen-minute sweeps of the yard, trying to get the biggest, longest branches out of the way first. At least now I can see a difference. I miss ice though; I like my water chilly. I may freeze some water bottles at my parents and let them melt in my freezer. Or I may go buy ice today. I haven’t decided the best course of action. When Mom and I swung around to the ice trailer yesterday, it was mobbed.

11:30am: The third yard session done, and I’m wondering if I should attempt other yard projects this weekend. My Camilla bush needs to be trimmed into a tree. The hydrangeas need to be cut back and fertilized heavily. The unwanted saplings need to be pulled up. I know my yard drainage needs improving, but I have no idea how to start fixing that. I think some of the lowest branches in the oak tree need to go. I still haven’t made a decision about the flower pots in the front yard. I can’t create a rock garden until I can pay for materials, so that one is off this list. I’m going to pause for lunch and think some more.

12:30pm: The overcast sky has broken into white fluffy clouds and sunshine with a slight breeze from the north. Time to get started on the yard again. I have noticed that my front yard is very shady all day, so I better never plant anything that needs full sun.

1:00pm: Fourth yard session done. Uncle Scott cut the cedar limb that had started growing into the edge of my roof and other dead bits on the tree. He keeps fussing about the hauling storm debris because “I can chop that up with the lawn mower.” I’m not stressing though; I’d hate for the two-inch-diameter oak branches to tear up the lawn mower.

Though I think I have hit my daily yard work limit. Nope, mosquitoes attack when I sit, covered my skin in repellent, and I’m going to haul some more debris.

2:00pm: Don’t see any more big limbs in my yards, so I’m don’t for the day. DEMCO’s report is supposed to be released at 3:30pm. So I’m going to read and start writing until then.

7:00pm: I have electrical power! Through a generator. Took all afternoon, but I will be able to sleep with an A.C. and take a hot bath.

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