Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Going Through Gustav Day Three

From what I understand from the press conferences last night, the power issues start at the grid. The transmission lines got damaged and that knocks out power for whole regions. If it wasn't so damn humid, no air conditioning wouldn't hurt as bad.

New Orleans is being stupid with politics again. The surrounding parishes opened at 6am for the people who can't afford to remain away. The closest place I heard with power and said we could get gas and food was Waveland, MS. During Katrina, most people could get stuff from Baton Rouge. No help there with Gustav. I've heard from one of my coworkers, and I was the first one she was able to contact.

DOI was closed again today, and Jindal said in his press conference last night that non-essential state workers would probably be off the rest of the week.

New Orleans opens up at midnight and set up roadblocks this morning to keep people out of the city. WWL has Garland on right now and the roadblocks have come down. I hope they are taping this rant against City Hall. Evacuation went so well, so of course, they screwed up reentry.

I moved out to the front porch. My parent's generator died yesterday, so the breeze and light are better outside. Though, I need to measure when I buy chairs for my porch table. My folding camp chair is too short. Today, I think I will start cleaning the yard. It didn't rain through the window last night, so hopefully no more debris will fall.

9:30am - Before I got to the yard, it started drizzling. I found a pillow I don't care about keeping to put in my camp chair and that makes a difference to reach the table. Talked to Mom, Dad thinks the generator problem is a spark plug and he went to look for gasoline. I don't know if anything is open in Hammond. Hell, I'd love to go window shopping if they had A.C. I could soak up for a while.

I need a better 16oz athletic water bottle. It doesn't have a good airflow to keep the water flowing into my mouth. Looks like the rain has stopped, so I'm going to do yard work.

10am - I'm at puttering speed in the yard. I got the front steps clear and realized I have a lot of different saplings growing up next to the porch. I guess the squirrels have been busy. So then I wondered if creating a rock garden where the roof runoff hits would help with weed issues like that. Grass used to grow up to the base of the house when Gram lived here, but I think she had a green arm and encouraged the plants. I don't want to create a cesspool for mosquito breeding, but I need to do something with the yard. There's a cedar limb that is growing into the tin roof that needs to go.

11am - Ate lunch with Mom and told her the creek was flooding the lowlands. It has never flooded our houses, but it has blocked the road.

Individual assistance has been declared, so FEMA will pay for hotel bills. Now I wish I had left. :p I have no house damage, so no reason for to even register with FEMA. Dad found a working gas station in Hammond, and has returned.

The radio just warned that urban Jefferson Parish shouldn't use the tap water or flush or pour anything down the drain. I'm glad I'm a) not in that parish and b) on a septic system.

I don’t consider myself a lazy person—well, unless I’m on a kick-myself binge. But it’s like I can’t make myself move once I’m sitting down. I have brain work to do, but I also don’t want to start that either.

I’m glad I switched over to Verizon. I haven’t been out of contact with anyone and I can get online—sorta—and check my email. Most sites are not mobile friendly, so I haven’t tried to update my blog or send emails.

12:45pm – I think I spent thirty minutes hauling sticks to the burn pile and I think I have hit my limit for today. It started drizzling as soon as I made the decision to sit down on the porch again. Can’t see a difference in the yard either.

7:40 pm – DOI will open tomorrow. Since I can’t get in touch with my supervisor and the lead worker, and I’m third-in-charge, I’m going into minimumal power (whatever that means) and no AC. Yeah, I haven’t seen a postman in two days and have no idea what we can do without mail, but I’ll go open the office. I’m going to pack a smaller bag rather than my bag on wheels. I’m hoping for a computer so I can at least put out notices that I’m okay.

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