Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zero said years

I broke down and bought the TinMan DVD. I was hoping for subtitles to see how things were spelled. There is no subtitles. Isn't that against the law now? You blew the entire budget on the CGI and there was none to code subtitles? Not to complain, I love the CGI but I have found two different spellings for one of the species in the O.Z. and would have liked to find an official version.

And not that this speculation will make any sense to anyone not currently obsessed with TinMan, but Zero says years. I will admit it took the fourth reviewing before I caught on, and it was after I decided to have DG say "years" and then correct herself to "annuals" the proper O.Z. term. Now, I am perfectly willing to go "writer screw-up" because it's damn hard to remember to change it over. Plus the writers forgot to name the Queen and gave us the lackluster ending. But watching it over again, all the O.Z. characters say "annuals." Except Zero, which makes me want to make him a Slipper. I decided to so something else with the observation in my fanfic instead, and I probably need to go find some fellow obsessed types and share the bone.

So I had finally gotten my characters to the build up leading up to meeting the villain and fun action sequences and I have stalled out. Through no fault of my own. I woke up this morning with a crazy-ass email that made no sense over Acadiana Medieval Faire. I decided to ignore it, and that worked up until after lunch when I guess the other receiptants read their emails, and I seem to be sucked into drama that I have absolutely no patience for. IT'S NOT PART OF MY LIFE ANY MORE! What is so hard to understand about that?

Me being perfectly willing to just be friends, separate from all the shit, so just let it go. But to deliberately bring the shit up two years after the events and a year after the death. And not bringing up to deal with in a healthy manner (i.e. I'm detailing this on my blog to release it from my life or so I'm being completely honest), no this is basic mudslinging that makes Hillary Clinton look good. For what purpose? And why make me part of the audience?

It's bullshit and I'm probably going to have to call bullshit on it, but at the same time, I have this reaction of "I shouldn't have to." Well, if it was a real friend behind all of it, they would have known how I feel and would not have done it. Ergo, not friend and I don't owe them swallowing my genuine pissed off, you've ruined my writing for this shit, mood.

I don't need manufactured drama either. My unofficial step-niece got hit by a car in Austin and had to have surgery. T'Lania is doing well, but still she's got a long road to go. I have finances and health issues of my own I have to deal with. This is bullshit.

I'm going to take a break, play some Cube Crash, and hopefully the ride home will recharge the dialouge batteries. I am not letting my story get derailed for bullshit.

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notenoughwords said...

Does the 2 weeks of silence mean you are snowed under, or just busy writing?