Thursday, July 10, 2008

Really not dead

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Crap, two weeks? I thought for sure I had posted when I hit the month of writing mark. I thought for sure I had posted about seeing Hancock. Great, I guess I'm officially dreaming of writing blog posts now.

Well, Hancock will go into another post, probably after I see Hellboy II. The crazy people behavior I bitched about last post has receded out of my face again, and I'm thankful. So to writing.

As of July 4th, a full month of nonstop writing the likes I haven't had in a long damn time, I had 56,294 words. I'm pretty sure that's a personal best. This morning's total before I get started on it again is at the top of the post. What's not good is how everything else is still tossed aside for the story. It's great for the writing but not so good for the losing weight and exercising categories.

*Shrug* I'm past the climax and actually got through another smut scene. I think I have four or five more sections to go before reaching the end. I want to end in Kansas, but I'm not sure how to end in Kansas yet. I'm not stressing over it. Some scenes I had perfectly outlined in my head and knew what was going to happen before I wrote them (Zack teaching DG self-defense and Cain's reaction is one example) and other scenes just came to me on the spur of the moment (Cain needs to be in danger to get DG's butt moving, research Japanese torture methods during World War II, oh they used waterboarding, wow that ends up being on par with Donnie's torture scene from Family, Friends, and Foes). In shorter words, it'll come together.

And I ended up with another theme song for it. I really don't know how that keeps happening.

Well, I have a tough scene to compose right now DG confronting her mother about the state of the O.Z. with a lot of tricky character stuff I want to do. Let me go get on that.

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notenoughwords said...

56K, congrats! Good to see you back in the swing.