Friday, June 20, 2008

What day is it?

I thrill at being inspired. The manuscript is officially over 30,000 words and I have no idea where it's going to end up at. What makes me unhappy is getting obsessive about it. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live alone and had someone to cover me while I have commuted to fiction land, but I don't. I still have to pay the bills otherwise there will be no electricity to run the computer. *Sigh* I'm working on finding balance.

Took Dad to see the Incredible Hulk on Father's Day.

"I know some anger management techniques that can help with that."

It was awesome. I didn't bother with the Ang Lee version a few years back, and judging by the Internet reaction, it was a safe call. Marvel creating Marvel Studios was just what they needed to do after X-Men Last Stand and Spider-man 3. Granted, I liked both films but there were so many issues, it brought my reaction down to a meh. Iron Man and the Hulk jump-started my interest again. I still don't know how they can afford an Avengers movie though, unless they are using the line-up without Wolverine and Spider-man.

Now what I found hysterical is we got trailers for Hancock (which I added to the list on the strength of the trailer), Hellboy II, and X-Files. No trailer for the Dark Knight in front of a superhero movie with the same target audience. Any issues you wanna discuss DC and Marvel?

  • April 4 - Nim's Island (sounded cute)
  • April 18 - The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan love)
  • May 2 - Iron Man (Black Sabbath better be in the soundtrack and the trailers don't count)
  • May 9 - Speed Racer (trailer surprised the hell out of me)
  • May 16 - Prince Caspian (agnostic Pagan that I am I could totally worship Aslan, he hangs out with Harry Potter and Bacchus (it's in the book))
  • May 22 - INDIANA JONES!
  • June 13 - Incredible Hulk
  • July 4 - Hancock
  • July 11 - Hellboy II (otherwise known as Hellboy vs. the Drow)
  • July 18 - BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT (o hell yeah)
  • July 25 - X-Files: I Want to Believe (that this will be a good movie. But I can be won over by Mulder and Scully damnit, I love those characters even if the show went downhill for me)
  • Nov. 21 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • Watchman
  • May 8 - Star Trek
  • August 7 - G.I. Joe (I can be won over by Chris Eccleston and Ray Parks)

Don't Know yet

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been rather obsessive about working on TinMan: Dragons and Ninjas, the the point I really don't understand it. But I did learn something. I cannot earn a living by writing erotica.

I had one scene that qualifies as smut, just one scene. And it was the hardest 2,922 words I have ever written. I hemmed, I hawed, I played lots of Cube Crash. I finally ended the scene and hopefully the readers will like the smut they did get. No matter how well the market pays, I wouldn't be able to meet my deadlines if I tried.

And No more Battlestar Galactica until next year, *sob.* But they are giving me two Doctor Who's, reapeating the "Unicorn and the Wasp." Yeah, I can count titles again!

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