Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frickin' hell, How did I do that?

I just watched "the Wasp and the Unicorn" aka the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who. And what I immediately went "I should be writing for this show!" alarming my Dad to stare at me instead of his solitaire game (he's still denying that he likes the new Doctor Who).

Here's my quote from "Rose on the Other Side" post on Nov. 30, 2007
And make the Agatha Christie episode! I love the Dickens one and the Shakespeare one. Maybe her two week disappearance for a story start? And put Torchwood on DVD. I can't work it into my schedule when it shows on BBC America. And I want more Capt. Jack sexyness.

I so need to see the episode again to do the title hunt again. I caught 12 titles mentioned, that sounds like a great round number for the episode, but I want to make sure.

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