Monday, June 02, 2008

What happened to the end of May?

I don't really remember. My schedule really flew out the window and I went on a reading orgy. I could only stop if my brain went "can't buy it, sorry" but I'd have ten more intriguing stories to try out. I think I'm over it now. One good realization: I need a new copy of the Wizard of Oz, mine is in miserable shape. And I will take a fanfiction reading orgy over an inhaling-everything-with-sugar-in-the-house-and-going-out-to-buy-more orgy. My brain recovers faster than my waistline.

So it's a new month, and I used white-out on the calender plans to regive myself a fresh start. If I don't, I get an uncontrollable urge to catch-up, which will lead to me giving up on the catching-up and finding a new orgy. Nipped in the bud, hopefully.

A list of projects to plan the month around:
  1. Health - watching diet and working out. Track with FitDay entries and Iron Experiment Redux posts.
  2. Finances - track with Number Crunching posts.
  3. Strix - finish planning and get to actual writing. I'm not a just-wing-it writer; planning is essential. Track with Metrics posts at DUF.
  4. FanFiction Garret - time to get this project unveiled.
  5. "For Worse" - also time to get this project unveiled. Track with Metrics posts at DUF.
  6. BookWorm's Library - time to update.
  7. Alt. BM Site - time to update
  8. Reading Diary - enjoying weeding out my library by rereading, not enjoying the review portion. I should kill the blog and just use Amazon links in Blank.
  9. Final final paper - stop procrastination on this already!
  10. Housework - have to fit it in somewhere and it makes the list even.
Actually, that's not bad for me. I'd say four on the list are ongoing, five have definite ending points, and one has a definite future ending point way ahead of me. Not a bad place to start organizing the summer.

I'm going to start breaking down my weeks by Big Rocks, Upcoming, and Daily MITs. Daily MITs are the most important tasks for the day. Big rocks are deadline I have on projects in the current week or said plainer, what I want to finish this week. Upcoming is what maybe due next week or the week after, to be worked on if time and space allow. I had been blocking out deadlines for them reasonably before getting thrown off track, but I would list them with the big rocks for the week. Let's try easing back on the expectations.

Damn! Last daily MITs list I have was for May 24th and 25th. Twenty-five items to do. I finished five. Today I have 9 items to do. NINE! With the option of doing something that furthers an Upcoming project if I need to (example, I can't work on website at work). I can do that, even if it wasn't fair to compare a weekend schedule to a non-weekend one.

*Content sigh* I'm feeling better about June already.

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