Friday, December 28, 2007

Number Crunching 107

Hopefully, this is the beginning of only sticking to this subject once a week. The way I had originally intended. *rolls eyes* Yeah, I think we have established if I was any good at guessing I wouldn't be in a financial mess, haven't we?

Cash Flow Total = -75.49

At this point, I think I have accounted for everything in NetWorthIQ. I'm crossing my fingers that the budget for January comes close to working. What I'm afraid will throw it off is taking care of leftover mess from December. To a certain degree, it can't be helped. The biggest issue is some how almost all my auto bills are due in the first half of the month.

Financial Projects to do
  • Finish setting up Financial Notebook
  • Call Liberty Mutual about moving bill date
  • Call First Access and see if they have a copy of house appraisal.
  • Research date for school money and add to calendar.
  • Set date to start Ebay garage sales.
  • Set date to start using online surveys for money.
  • Set a date to start using Project Wonderful ads
  • Sell Aluminum cans
  • Do paperwork to get Citizens refund
  • Fix Dfrd. Comp. entries in Quicken.
  • Research into selling writing online
  • See Capital One about hold on account - Saturday

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Ryan Williams said...

Welcome to the NetworthIQ community! Thanks for signing up and best of luck on your financial journey.