Friday, December 21, 2007

Number Crunching 106

I didn't really expect to have a whole week of nothing but numbers. But if I was any good at guesstimating, would I be in the financial trouble I'm in?

Showing net worth, why do I hate the idea?

Because there is no other fault besides my own stupid incompetence and I hate looking incompetent. At the same time, there is no improvements without being brutally honest. Women in Red post their financial standings. But I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't feel easier without saying numbers. I pull band-aids off me slowly too; try it if you don't see the connection.

After fighting with Quicken most of the night, I decided to take the plunge at NetWorthIQ. It's still not completely right; I didn't pack all my records (and I think I found more stuff to add to Quicken tracking). But that's been every day dealing with this money stuff. I may actually understand Quicken by the time I can buy a new version.

Dec. 23rd: I put in guesses for student loans and the mortgage and corrected those today. So my net worth went up, but not out of negative category.

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