Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No more hair pulling!

I got home on time today. Who would've thunk it? I sure didn't when last I updated. Since I got home on time, I started with the website updating issues. Namely get the Reference Wiki UP!

MySQL Workbench was a total waste of time. I finally made it connect to a database and I was squeeing so hard... until I realized it had only connected to my databases on my local server and it still refused to talk to the production site. *headdesk* Briefly researched what Dreamweaver is capable of and found out the answer was not what I need it to do. So I turned to BigDump, really nervous about using it.

The nervousness was uncalled for because IT WORKED! I had to tweak the export file just a little and then it was done during a commercial break during the Good Wife. Then I had to do some FTP of some modules files that the update script found issues with. But after that Circulation Desk is up with the beginnings of the Reference Wiki!

I still need to take care of some minor maintenance issues, but I should have that done before I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm going to bed happy. :D

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bek said...

Told you it's not that hard :P Glad things are now more operational :)

KLCtheBookWorm said...

In my defense, I get nervous every time the first bit of the Drupal Handbook says "change the PHP coding."