Monday, March 01, 2010

Last Week, Last Month

Thirty-three years old. Time management is still a work-in-progress, so is scheduling. And communication.

Friday: my birthday overall was good. My coworkers took me to lunch, but then I had to work overtime for an hour and got stuck in traffic for two. Got home to no Suzanne yet. Call Mom. She wanted to take me to supper when Dad's available, and no Lipizzaner Stallions tickets because I made plans with Suzanne. I couldn't afford the show, so no flying, leaping horses. :( Hopefully I'll catch them about twenty years from now when they come through again. And there's my communication and scheduling issues example.

Saturday and Sunday: all my groceries take too much time to cook so we ended up eating out more than I had planned on. I knew we wouldn't get as much sewing done as we would like to, but I thought there would be enough time for cooking and sewing. And that would be time management issue example.

Progress on sewing: I have my bridesmaid dress material, and we got the second mock-up of Suzanne's chemise made. We decided on throwing out her bought corset because it does not fit properly. Victorian style may need help to adjust (make a few inches squish somewhere else temporarily) but one person should be able to get it on thanks to the closure in the front without lacing the thing every time. And I gave her a boost about slowing her mother down. There's no point to starting a mock-up for her wedding gown if the foundation garments aren't ready. Measurements change--especially with a corset.

I didn't keep up with marking off the to-do list during the week. I maintained what progress I had made, but nothing got ahead by leaps and bounds. Today wasn't the best start to a fresh start; I spent an hour hitting snooze. *Shakes head*

So now I'm at work and would rather be home with my energized self working on the home list. Since I'm at work, I have to gear up for the work list. It's not that I don't want to do that stuff; I just don't want to do it first. :p *shakes head again* Time to suck it up though.

Well, all my whining "i don't want to do it' is for naught. The mail finally came ten minutes before noon and we have been swamped ever since. March 1st is a deadline for taxes and company licensing paperwork, but it looks like this will be a day I never get to leave work.

Sadly, I wish that was a joke. It's already 3:30 and I'm just starting on my first batch. I usually leave at 4. But not tonight. And so much for my plans for cooking when I do get home. I'll be lucky to get there before I fall asleep behind the wheel.

5pm and still at work. Luckily, I think the end of the tunnel of mail is in sight. (Translation: 5:30 should have me looking for dinner and waiting for the traffic to clear.) Birthday dinner with parents is getting pushed back another day. *sigh* I shouldn't have thought of that, now Hungry is kicking in.

5:30 was overly optimistic. 5:20 and I have another twenty-five checks to do. And possibly another batch after that since I don't know what people have stacked on their desks. I'm not a batch stacked, so if it comes up that no one has grabbed the last batch in the bin, I'll have to do it. I'm hoping someone else gets to it first.

Oh I am an idiot! *headdesk* I bought a whole box of granola bars on impulse this morning at WalMart. Did I bring them up with me to snack on? Nope, still in the trunk. *headdesk*

At least the rain has passed through. Oh good, 6pm is cut-off time and we can go home!

6:30 - stopped at Raising Cane's for supper and to let the traffic go away. Left there at 7. Made it home through sluggish but moving traffic around 7:45. No Castle so I tried to start on my computer/website work. No connection to the Internet. I tried every trick I know to get the connection back, no luck.

Call AT&T DSL tech support. Did not time how long it took to get to a person, but once I did it took us about an hour to get me registered again so the connection would work.

When I saw no Castle, I thought I'd have an early bedtime. I ended up going to bed the same time I would have if Castle had aired and I watched it. :p

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