Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Week Must Be Better

Somebody explain to me how this happens on the biggest pair of work pants I have in my closet? I understand thread breakage if the waistband is straining to go around my torso, but that does not describe how these pants fit that are now held on my a safety pin.

I've reached the conclusion that I should restart my exercise and eating primal regime on April 1st. I'm hoping the Feast of Fools were make my contrary nature behave itself.

Hmm, I don't think I can play with Mediafire while at work. I maybe wrong but Regulator sure goofed up after I downloaded a fanmix.

Yeah, I had a slew of computer issues at work that kept me from typing up the blog posts I had written last week. Now I'm glad I skipped them because my angst that I'm a despicable human because I can't keep a clean kitchen gets old and shouldn't be inflicted on other people. The useful bits:
  • Not going to bed until the list was finished was keeping me consistent.
  • 15 minutes is long enough for most chores.
  • Perfect Girl sees I fell off the wagon and prefers keeping me pressed down in the dirt because I will never, never, ever catch up to the damn wagon so why bother. Unfortunately, she only gets halfway through her statement before the ADD Kid who hates feeling bad gets distracted by a pony ride and we're gone to do that instead.
  • The only way to make Perfect Girl shut up is to do what she's telling me I can't out of fear of failure.
  • And yes, it takes a week of reflection to realize the above four points. Last week was a doozie is my only defense.
So I have been stabbing at the chores in 15 minute intervals. Some days have gone better than others. What really screws me up is going to bed too late.

I need to break down and buy blank tapes and figure out if the VCR connection is right to tape Direct TV or get a DVR option. Because it doesn't look like they will be moving the shows I'm addicted to to a saner viewing hour for me. :p

The next two weekends have much of wedding craziness filling them. I'm only a bridesmaid, so it's not like I've neglected to tell anyone about a major development in my life. :) But it does mean I need to sew Thursday or Friday nights.

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