Friday, August 28, 2009

Who turned Friday into a shit day?

Two pieces of news I wasn't expecting. 1). The lawsuit as a result of my last wreck isn't as frivolous as I thought it was, and I have paperwork I must do in order to avoid a subpoena. 2). My uncle is in the emergency room and I'm now on standby to relive Dad in the waiting for result department.

I can't do anything about the paperwork because I need to find a notary, who is out for lunch. I can't do anything about the emergency room until I get a phone call telling me I'm needed. So really the sensible thing is to eat my lunch that I have no appetite for and work on Faulkner. *Sigh*

And Mom scheduled the garage sale for tomorrow. This weekend is shaping up to be packed.

Update: Luckily, all my uncle had was a seizure due to the medicos trying to wean him off the seizure medicine. Yes, we were afraid the cancer was coming back. I ended up sitting at the hospital from 1 until he finally got discharged at 4:30. And I managed to focus most of that on the Faulkner paper.

I still have to help with the garage sale tomorrow as well as the lawsuit paperwork I didn't get to do yesterday.

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