Monday, August 24, 2009

Halloween Hot Bod Day 1

Upper Body workout - repeat three times - I go through one set before time available was up. And yes, I did get up on time. the problems I had:
  • dealing with the timer. The workouts today are counted by the maximum you can do in one minute. While settling the digital timer for a minute was easy, figuring out where to put it to easily turn it on and off and not be out of my starting position not so much. Maybe if I put it on a cord around my neck.
  • moving in and out of the house. I set up the pull-up bar on the front porch, which is still a crowded mess and I can barely reach my light switch. Getting set up with a stool to make the pull ups easier, then trying to turn on the timer. And I still couldn't reach the pull-up bar. I want the one that fits over the standard door frame.
  • pull ups suck. I think shoulder rotation warm-ups might help. Push ups suck too, and I think I will have to switch to girly knee push ups until I get stronger.
  • I skipped chin-up. And I forgot to bring the stool outside.
  • got distracted when I went to go do bench dips on the weight bench. Good news is the straightening that I needed to do is now done.
  • not a Marine, my crunches are done on the ab ball. I did twenty on the floor like he said to do, but I only felt the leg muscles working. The last twenty of the forty on the ab ball I felt on the abs.
  • depending on how I feel when I get home, I might try to complete the other sets. That's a big if with how tired I feel now.
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