Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crap, a whole new month

I never intend to go missing or stop doing things or just plain procrastinate what is on the list to do. I don’t know how to make it stop or rather how to stop doing it.

Today has been fun. While practicing cover-my-own-ass, I ended up bringing down some heat on other people. Totally unexpected consequences but I’m unrepentant about my first response and how high up it went. I actually wasn’t yelling to get moved to the front of the line, but yelling because the procedure is broken and needs to be fixed.

Continuing on this theme: February 7, 2009

I have so avoided anything at SLU for going onto a second month. I’ve been reading, but haven’t found anything to write on! And it’s making me feel very panicky. That makes me want to dive headfirst into fiction and not come out. I’m actually compromising on that feeling with this post.

Problems with Faulkner: I think it stems between the difference between a critic and a writer. A critic studies literature for theme and with the literary theory readings (seen through Freud, New Criticism, Feminism, etc.). A writer studies literature to figure out how can I do what the author does to use in my writing. There’s some overlap, but overall two very different outcomes. I’m a writer being forced into producing criticism.

Yes, I had classes on this, and I still took the stance of a writer/detective fan and how the character did not work for me. I even quoted Van Dine’s rules. Then I get into the whole loop thinking of how can I produce anything on Faulkner that the pros haven’t done better? I should have sucked up my dislike of the other professor and worked on the Dante paper instead. I should have seen if I could’ve restarted a fiction thesis this semester! *Sigh* Too late now.

Looking at my schedule. I have two hours open now, but I can’t completely avoid the fiction. I NEED fiction. So I’m stealing away at least fifteen minutes on fiction, as a keeping me from going crazy. I hope this works.

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